W13: His Lordship

“Funny stuff is for kids. And clowns.”

My son has decided he is the Lord of our neighbourhood today. I have to address him as “Your Lordship”. I tried to cuddle him earlier and he informed me that cuddles aren’t important. He is being important and he doesn’t have time for Funny Stuff.Β “Funny stuff is for kids. And clowns,” he says. Apparently he is in charge of our neighbourhood, the house and his toys and he has Important Governing to do. And it’s not a game, I’m not to refer to it as a game. Β He is in character, he IS a Lord. (When it comes to acting, Tom is Method to the bone. He inhabits his character completely.)

He is currently wearing his dressing gown as a robe and waiting for me to finish blogging and get the dishes washed so that I can concentrate on witnessing and appreciating his governing. Wish me luck…..


Public domain picture by KCADRC on Pixabay.com


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