W16: Nothing Happened Today

Nothing happened today.  Well, obviously something happened today but nothing worth reporting. My mum came for lunch, Thomas played on his Wii and watched DVDs and the day ticked by. This week has panned out as I expected, with Thomas resolutely sticking to his plan to stay in all week for the joy of not having to go anywhere. We’ll have to go out tomorrow; there’s no food in the house so we’ll have to venture out so far as the local shops at least. Other than that, however, we have been hermits and that suited us just fine.

It’s been a quiet day but sometimes you need that. Sometimes you need the empty space between events, the nothing days, the downtime. How else can you appreciate the fun days and the exciting days unless you have the decidedly average days to compare them to? We both did what we wanted – I got to talk to my mum and he got to do his thing. That’s what time off is all about, the freedom to Do Your Thing. So in my book, that makes today pretty good after all. Who knows what delights tomorrow will bring? Knowing my boy, I probably should take this opportunity to rest while I can!

Public domain picture by geralt at Pixabay.com



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