W18: Catch and Release

There are times when you want something so much you can taste it. When your eyes are blind to what’s before them and instead they see only visions of what could be and what might be and what could have been.

Letting go of a vision is hard to do, to catch hold of the possibility of something, the almost intangible breath of a beautiful idea, like a scent on a warm summer breeze, and later have to release it when you realise it isn’t going to work out as you hoped. Many times I have found myself still holding onto something that I thought I had already let go of. Unbidden, the idea or hope creeps back into my mind or my heart, takes root and oh! I’m there again, in that maybe-future with my could-be plans.

Some dreams are not so simple to release, they will not die quietly. You see, it’s not just the present hope you must mourn but the future that will never be. Sometimes the death of a maybe-future is harder to recover from than the end of a particular Now. All those plans and hopes and moments that now will never be….

Yet we all play catch and release many times in our lives. It’s part of life, learning to adjust and make the most of what you have and refocus on another path. We are resilient beings, humans. We thrive in the harshest and most unlikely of circumstances.

Tonight I am musing on the viability of such a plan and on the impact of releasing it, or maybe I may get away with merely altering it. Popular motivational memes would encourage me to Make It Happen, do what makes me happy, follow my dream because my happiness is Most Important! Yet there are others to consider, always; we are not islands. Well, time will tell. Every plan starts with a desire, turns into a vision and then a specific goal. Let’s see where the desire leads me: catch or release?

Have a good remainder of Saturday, my friends.

Addendum: I found out today that “Catch and Release” has a hook-up connotation as well as a fishing one. I’ve been out of the dating scene for quite some time so this was news to me. Funny.

Public domain picture by skeeze on Pixabay.com


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