W28: Webruary Reviewed

Well here we are at the end of Webruary, my friends. One month of daily posts, to see if I could stay disciplined enough to write every day, to discover if I had enough material to produce a post every day, to determine if anyone was interested in reading what I published and, of course, to bring you stories of the wonderful boy that is His Lordship.

Webruary has been suitably representative of our lives: we have our quirky traditions and routines driven by the boy; he faces intermittent life challenges which he usually overcomes with aplomb and to my infinite relief; occasionally we will have moments of flare ups and frustration, either mine or his or both. I will have days of joy and fulfilment interspersed with darker days of reflection or doubt about my abilities as a parent and a successful, functioning adult. These periods will drive me into myself to muse on what I have learned but eventually I rise, stronger and once again determined to press on to greater things – for myself and for Tom. And through it all runs the thread of our love and our adventures, enabled and encouraged by a supporting cast of family and friends that now includes you, our new-found internet friends.

From tomorrow I will reduce the number of posts per week. I love issuing these diary-style posts but there are subjects I would like to cover in more detail and with research, and I need the extra time to produce more in-depth pieces.

Thank you for sharing this month with us. We look forward to bringing you many more stories of our escapades.

Much love, His Lordship and his trusty Lieutenant.


P.S. Coming Soon: Tom’s Corner!



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