Farts are Funny

Thomas is at that stage of life where farts are funny. Doing a fart is funny, the sound of a fart is funny, the smell is funny, Mum’s reaction is funny. He has mastered the art of “hand farting” – that thing where you blow a raspberry into your hand and it sounds like a big, rippling fart. It’s especially funny at bedtime when I’m reading a book and I “accidentally” say ‘fart’ instead of a word, several times preferably. “Haha, you said they climbed down the fart instead of the tree, hahahaha”. You get the picture.

He hasn’t yet acquired the black belt in pretend-farting that is the armpit fart. That joy is yet to come. I don’t think it’ll be much longer though.

I think it’s wonderful that he can see the humour in farts. It’s such a boy thing, such a common experience of childhood and it’s so normal. In years gone by he wouldn’t have been connected enough to see anything amusing in my reaction, he wouldn’t have enjoyed bedevilling me by wafting the smell towards me or pointing his bottom at me and relishing in my horrified shriek. It’s yet another new way that we have deepened our bond. He teases me and I enjoy seeing his pleasure as he does.

I’m glad that he can connect, I’m glad that he has developed a shareable humour, I’m glad that we have another thing to laugh about. I’m glad that he is finding something funny that he probably shares with his friends too, meaning he can bond with his peers, just like I’m glad he now understands the rules of football and can play football with them at break times. At last he can be part of a wider group and play with them as an equal instead of hanging around on the edges playing his solitary games. In a way I feel a tinge of guilt that I’m celebrating his normality, as if not being normal were something bad, but in truth it’s the doors that this aspect of normality opens for him that I am really celebrating.

So while I don’t enjoy the smell, I am very glad that my son finds farts funny. Long may his joy continue. Excuse me while I go get the Neutradol.

Public domain picture by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay.com and edited by me.


5 thoughts on “Farts are Funny

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  1. Love it! 😂 Don’t feel bad about being happy that he’s fitting in. Proudly cheer him on as you obviously do! You aren’t forcing something on him or nagging him to be “normal”, it’s just his Lordship growing and learning. And BTW, there are three adults in my house & we all still love a good fart joke, minus the smell of course😉

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  2. Yes!! I thought for sure that my dad and I were the only ones who think farts are hilarious 😂. (I’m almost 40; dad’s almost 65.). You and your son have a fan club 👏🏼😊

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