When Life Gives You Lemons

Warning: sweary words within. Possibly NSFW. Today I had another one of my small and regular epiphanies. I haven't written anything for over a month because I have been absorbed with a number of personal, "life" issues. Nothing terrible, nothing earth-shattering, but nevertheless matters that required thought and attention and occupied my mind. Issues such... Continue Reading →

W19: Waiting

The clock tocks. Its ticks make me twitch, Tiny needles piercing my ear drums. 'Wait, wait, wait, wait' the second hand barks. 'No early release for you. The hook was baited and along you came. You asked too much, what a shame. And now you wait. Be patient, be still, be calm. There is no... Continue Reading →

W18: Catch and Release

There are times when you want something so much you can taste it. When your eyes are blind to what's before them and instead they see only visions of what could be and what might be and what could have been. Letting go of a vision is hard to do, to catch hold of the... Continue Reading →

W17: When You’re Never Enough

I've been journalling today and I've been struck by the fact that it's been nearly a month since my last entry. I could pretend that it's because I've been busy blogging; indeed I have been busy blogging but the truth is I've been hiding from myself. I'm a classic type A personality; impatient, opinionated, short-fuse... Continue Reading →

W6: Don’t Stop

As I mentioned in my very first blog post, I am a procrastinator; I'm a champion starter but poor finisher, an ideas person, creative but not self-disciplined or organised. Webruary was announced with the intention of instilling some discipline into my writing for I know that unless I make my intentions public and accountable there... Continue Reading →

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