• Gingerbread: gingerbread.org.uk
    expert advice, practical support and campaign for single parents
  • DrugRehab.com: DrugRehab.com
    an informative section on understanding co-occurring disorders, the link between mental health or neurological conditions and addiction, gateway drugs and handling stress and depression. Includes a downloadable e-book on sobriety.
  • Sullen Riot Photography:
    Twitter: @_SRPhotography, Instagram: @sullenriotphotography
    personal friend and photographer
  • The Artidote: theartidote
    a space to story-tell, empathize, bond & heal through art
  • Gaunte: guante.info
    poetry slam champion, activist, educator
  • Woogsworld: woogsworld.com
    blogger “a community for witty women”
  • Far Kew/F*ck You Friday: fuckyoufriday.com.au
    blogger “Because life can get very f*cking irritating” *profanity warning*

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