Personal Development

  • Brilliant Living HQ:
    education, personal development and a highly entertaining and informative podcast: changeability-podcast
  • Mark Manson:
    author, blogger and thinker.  Author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, on assessing your values and priorities to have a happier life *profanity warning*.
  • Esteemology:
    emotional wellbeing, personal development
  • Baggage Reclaim: are-you-future-faking-yourself-for-a-short-term-fix
    I have not visited the whole site but this article was enlightening
  • TED Talks:
    educational and motivational talks by well respected individuals on a large range of topics
  • Calling in “The One”: Calling In “The One”
    a book that fundamentally changed my perspective on life – not only to be used for finding love but for examining your priorities, core values and beliefs
    meditation and mindfulness exercises available on website and app
  • Yoga With Adriene:
    I am doing her 30 Day Yoga Challenge. She is killing me!  In a good way…
  • WordPress: for scratching that blogging itch

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