Our Easter Holidays

The school Easter holidays are nearly over and as usual I don't know where the time has gone. We went to the park, we went to town for new school shoes (Tom's only half a size smaller than me now!), we went to the cinema to see The Boss Baby, we went to the dental... Continue Reading →

Farts are Funny

Thomas is at that stage of life where farts are funny. Doing a fart is funny, the sound of a fart is funny, the smell is funny, Mum's reaction is funny. He has mastered the art of "hand farting" - that thing where you blow a raspberry into your hand and it sounds like a... Continue Reading →

He’s Back!

My favourite blogger and author is back after a five month break with a new post. If you haven't visited the site, I'd recommend setting aside an hour and settling down with a cup of tea (and possibly some biscuits). Very funny, tender, affirming and occasionally heart breaking, it's quite a read: My Son's Not Rainman.

W24: A Matter of Will

At ten years old, Thomas finally learned to ride a bike yesterday. After trying and failing to teach him when he was younger, we left cycling on the back burner. It was another entry of the list of things he wasn't yet ready to do and, with him being our first and only child  (never... Continue Reading →

W13: His Lordship

"Funny stuff is for kids. And clowns." My son has decided he is the Lord of our neighbourhood today. I have to address him as "Your Lordship". I tried to cuddle him earlier and he informed me that cuddles aren't important. He is being important and he doesn't have time for Funny Stuff. "Funny stuff is... Continue Reading →

W11: A Gloriously Messy Life

This is what drove me crazy and made me laugh and shout and cry with frustration and exhaustion in equal measure. This is what made me more tired than I ever thought I could be before I had a child, constantly picking up toys and clearing mess in one room while Tom was busy getting... Continue Reading →

W10: Housebound (aka Half-Term Happiness)

Next week is the half term holidays: no school. Going by previous form, we will alternate between early starts for Milkshake Morning (for details on how much I enjoy Milkshake Mornings, read my earlier post Farted Awake at Sadness O’Clock: My Christmas Holidays) and decadent lying in until lunchtime while my son watches DVDs and plays... Continue Reading →

W9: Photography Hell, Photobomb Heaven

Tom loves all things military. He is also terrible to photograph, always looking in the wrong direction or obscured by somebody else because he likes to hide at the back. The school staff took photographs during last week's trip to London,  and as usual there wasn't a good shot of Tom in any of them.... Continue Reading →

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