Tom’s Corner

This is Tom’s page. It doesn’t seem fair to talk about him without letting him speak for himself. On this page we will publish his photographs, drawings and any announcements that Thomas wishes to make. So Thomas – take it away!

Announcement: Final Showdown!

I am delighted to issue this belated announcement:

During the half-term holidays Thomas completed the last level of Swordplay Showdown on Wii Sports Resort, entitled Final Showdown. Tom had been trying to complete this level for days and defeat Matt, the last and toughest opponent on the last level, and wondered if he would ever achieve it. He spent hours and hours in his room and I could hear his cries of frustration and despair and his own self-encouragement.

“Belief is what gets you to win”

Thomas reports “Matt was a bit hard but I did it all. This just goes to show belief is what gets you to win.” Well said, young man!

On the day of success there was much celebrating and almost tears of joy. We high-fived and Thomas was the Champion!


Public domain photos by skeeze and qimono on


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